Bench Dedication Catalog

UPDATED March 2022

The Lakes Park Bench Dedication Program

The Lakes Park Enrichment Foundation (LPEF) has a program to replace benches
throughout the park. The purpose of this project is three-fold:

  1. Replace benches that are unsafe or uncomfortable
  2. Raise funds for continuing improvements to the Park
  3. Introduce new benches into more locations in the Park


  • EXISTING DEDICATIONS – Some very old benches targeted for replacement
    had been previously dedicated. These were white, ornate, consumer-grade
    benches, not intended for heavy use and weather exposure in a public park. The
    County judged them unsafe and they were removed. LPEF has purchased
    engraved bricks to replace the previous dedications. These spots are now
    available to donors.
  • BLACK IRON BENCHES – Seen mostly around the train station, these benches become much too hot for park patrons to sit on, so they will be replaced.


In order to preserve the integrity of the bench material, dedications will not be attached to the bench. Dedications are engraved on a 12” x 12” red paving stone. Dedications may consist of 1 to 8 lines of up to 18 characters each (spaces and punctuation count as characters).


Lee County prefers that we no longer engrave “memorial language”, so use words like
“Dedicated to…” or “In honor of…” instead. The County and the Foundation reserve the
right to reject any engraving request either organization deems inappropriate.


We accept checks and credit card payments. As of August 6th, 2019, donations for the
various types/sizes are:

New 4-ft bench: $3,000
New 6-ft bench: $3,500

Additional Policy and Rules:

  1. A. This policy is designed to enable parks users to support Lee County’s LAKES
  2. REGIONAL PARK through a tax-deductible contribution. Contributions will be
  3. acknowledged by the Lakes Park Enrichment Foundation (“LPEF”) via a letter
  4. detailing the donation, which does not entitle the donor to ownership of the
  5. donated element.
  6. B. Only bench donations are covered by this policy.
  7. C. The donation must be processed before the commencement of any work. The
  8. current donation levels are stated herein. These amounts subject to adjustments
  9. periodically.
  10. D. A donation period will last 10 years. Within this time, LPEF will replace a park
  11. bench donation and/or plaque up to one time within one year of the original
  12. installation if deemed necessary by LPEF and/or Lee County Parks &
  13. Recreation (“Parks & Rec”). Should more than one replacement be required, it is
  14. up to the donor to replace it. If the donor declines to replace it, a new donor will
  15. be sought. Dedication stones for benches with expired donation periods or
  16. benches that have been replaced by a new donor will be re-installed at a
  17. location in the park selected by Lee County Parks & Recreation.
  18. E. After 10 years, the donated bench will be available for renewal for the cost of a
  19. new donation, with the first right of refusal given to the original donor. If the
  20. original donor opts not to renew, the bench may be removed or rededicated at
  21. any time.
  22. F. Parks & Rec retains the right to relocate any donated element and/or plaque at
  23. any time. If a bench needs to be relocated, Parks & Rec will contact the donor to
  24. discuss alternative locations. Parks & Rec will make the final determination.
  25. G. Parks & Rec, in collaboration with the donor, will determine the bench location.
  26. H. Dedications may consist of 1 to 8 lines of up to 18 characters each (spaces and
  27. punctuation count as characters). Text is subject to the approval of both LPEF and Parks & Rec.

Available Benches

Bench No.LocationLandmarkCommentPhotographDonation Amount
Filter MarshEnd of trail that runs along the train tracks – faces Reflection Lakes communityRequires NEW 6-foot bench; placeholder bench is currently installed$3,500
014Train circle“Train Tickets Sold” signExisting cement pad in the shade – place 6-ft bench (there is a “placeholder” bench installed here currently)$3,500.00
015Train Museum#1 of 2 – On the restroom side of the Train Museum building; faces the waterReplace with 6-ft bench$3,500.00
Near the locomotiveReplace with 6-ft benchDonate$3,500.00
025Fragrance GardenLocated behind the wall facing the fountains4-ft benchDonate$3,000.00
026Fragrance GardenLocated along the path facing the fountain4-ft benchDonate$3,000.00
027Fragrance GardenLocated in the Peace CircleThis pad will have a 4 foot benchDonate$3,000.00

Dedicated Benches

Bench No.LocationLandmarkCommentPhotographDedication
Lakeside West West (Summerlin) side of lake, on hill close to lake near the exercise trailRequires NEW 6-foot bench; placeholder bench is currently installedSold
Thank you, Nadine Maki
003CausewayCauseway 1 of 2 – Between the two causeway bridges – rookery viewExisting benchSold
Thank you, Sandra Fallon & Family
004CausewayCauseway 2 of 2 – Between the two causeway bridges – rookery viewExisting benchSold
Thank you, Virginia Kreutzer
005Children’s GardenABC bed, near Cooper the CaterpillarInstalled 4-ft benchSold
Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Ogata
006Fragrance GardenAcross path from succulent gardenInstalled 4-ftSold
Thank you, Susan Bologna
007Fragrance GardenOn path leading to the trio of garden shedsInstalled 4-ft benchSold
Thank you, Kathy Busick
008Fragrance GardenHIBISCUS 1 OF 2 – On path leading to the trio of garden sheds; near the hibiscusReplace with 4-ft benchSold
Thank you, Alexandra Endrina
009Fragrance GardenHIBISCUS 2 OF 2 – On path leading to the trio of garden sheds; near the hibiscus (hose bib behind the pad)Replace with 4-ft benchSold
010Fragrance GardenOn path leading to the trio of garden sheds; near the crotonsReplaced with 4-ft benchSold
Thank you, Alison & Frank Caputy
011Lake TrailVolley ball court/lake viewExisting benchSold
012Lake TrailNear Wheel Fun bike/boat rental shopExisting benchSold
Thank you, Bert & Julie Friedman
013Lake TrailAcross from A3 pavilionExisting benchSold
Thank you, Richard Green
016Train Museum#2 of 2 – On the restroom side of the Train Museum building; faces the waterReplace with 6-ft benchSold
018Train Tracks / Marsh TrailAlong train tracks heading to filter marsh, near gazebo – faces the water. Nice view!Replace with 6-ft benchSold
Thank you, Ron & Kerry Carver
019Train Tracks / Marsh TrailOn the trail’s “oxbow” – secluded, wooded area opposite the Riva del Lago fountainsReplace with 6-ft benchSold
020Whistle Stop Across from the ice cream shopReplace with 6-ft benchSold
021Woods TrailNear the “One Way” signExisting benchSold
Thank you, Rosalie Decker & Family
022Woods TrailBeginning of woods trail, near the weir; faces the lakeExisting BenchSold
Thank you, Sklowdowski Family
Children’s GardenNear the musical play stationsExisting

Bench Dedication Form

Bench Dedication Form