Lakes Park frog hops over to the Children’s Garden

Lakes Park frogLakes Park frog hops over to Children’s Garden

The statue of the frog that formerly resided outside The Nest (the information/volunteer booth) has hopped over to the Children’s Garden for a change of scenery.

Parks & Rec Sr. Supervisor Joe DeBacker says, “The frog will reside in this garden for one year before moving again to the train lake. It will take the place of the Boy on the Bike statue, who will ride over to the Children’s Garden”.

Joe likes to surprise us by periodically encouraging the park’s statues to go on tour. Regular readers may recall the rescue of Timmy the Tortoise and the migration of the painted pelican from Sanibel to the park’s railroad. The Swing Time kids appeared in the Children’s Garden last year around this time.  Hurricane Irma took down their tree on the hill near Parking Lot 2.

A few years back, Parks & Rec acquired several garden statues from the Randolph Rose Collection (click to see). The collection features bronze statues of children, animals, and more.   Many of the statues are busy playing, engaging in sports, or fishing. We especially appreciate those depicting children or animals enjoying a good book. The Foundation hopes someday to be able to place more of these whimsical and delightful statues around the park for everyone to enjoy.

What statue will be the next to appear in a new place?  Stay tuned…