Bricks Installed March 26th, 2018

Bob & Theresa Plakut - brick at the Train Museum at Lakes Park, Fort Myers, FL

Bricks Installed March 26th, 2018

A batch of bricks were installed at the Train Museum in Lakes Park on on March 26th, 2018.  This has been an incredibly busy “season” for Lakes Park. It is difficult to find a good time to interrupt the flow of foot traffic around the train.  Parks & Rec saw their opportunity on March 26th and pounced!

As always, we’ve included a couple of “locator” photographs to help you find your bricks.  If you ever want to add to your brick collection, please know that we make every effort to co-locate bricks donated by the same patron. If you already have a brick installed, then tell us at the time of your new order. We aim to please!  CLICK the photos to enlarge them.


Bob & Theresa Plakut – TRAIN MUSEUM

Plakut – location

Diann Greco, Priscilla Burnaby, Susan Persia, Harry Moore – TRAIN MUSEUM

Locator: Greco, Persia, Burnaby, Moore








A gift for all occasions

MOTHER’S DAY IS COMING!  Engraved bricks make GREAT gifts.  Just think of how pleased the mom in your life will be when you show her a brick you donated in her honor!

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