Brick and Bench Dedications September 2020

Bench dedication from the Friedmans

Dedication pavers in the back of the Parks and Rec pickup truck

We place our brick and bench engraving orders monthly with Trophy Case. When the engravings are ready, Parks & Recreation hops in the truck and picks them up for installation at the park.   

MANY, MANY THANKS to the following patrons for their generosity this month! 

BENCH Dedications

Bench dedication from Richard Green

MANY THANKS to RICHARD GREEN for dedicating a bench near the Wheel Fun concession. 

Bench dedication from the Friedmans

TREMENDOUS THANKS to BERT and JULIE FRIEDMAN For dedicating one of the benches near the volleyball beach (and for your wonderful sense of humor). 

BRICK Dedications

Brick dedication from Clif Adams

THANK YOU so much to CLIF ADAMS for dedicating a brick near the Train Museum – the Park loves you, too!  

Brick dedication from Shannon Drouin

THANK YOU many times SHANNON DROUIN – we love the use of the heart icon!  ❤️

  • BRICK DEDICATIONS are $75 each. They are installed at one of three locations in the park: The Train Museum, The Rose Garden, or the Children’s Garden 
  • BENCH DEDICATIONS range from $1600 – $3500 each. Locations are available all over the park. 
  • PROCEEDS from these dedications are used by the Foundation to make repairs and improvements to existing park features, and to add new features. 
  • DONATIONS of any amount can be sent to LPEF, P.O. Box 61076 Fort Myers, Florida 33906. 
  • EMPLOYER MATCH – don’t forget! Many employers offer a matching gift program. Ask your company for more information.