Beds available in the Lakes Park Community Garden

"A Team" volunteer Michelle plants veggies in the ABC garden bed

Beds Available in the Lakes Park Community Garden

Monday September 9th, 2019

Community Garden sign at Lakes Park in Fort Myers features a grapevine and cornucopia
The Lakes Park Enrichment Foundation has announced the availability of multiple beds in the Community Garden. The rental period is one year, and runs from October 1st 2019 through September 30th 2020. The cost is $75 for the year, non-refundable. Rental fees support the garden, including provision of soil and tools necessary to help gardeners be successful.

What are the benefits of the Community Garden?

The Lakes Park Community Garden provides the following benefits to its members and to the public:

  • CONNECT WITH YOUR SOURCE OF FOOD: The Community Garden is a place to grow food, herbs, and flowers for those who might not have the space or the opportunity to do so at home.

  • CONNECT WITH YOUR “TRIBE”: The Community Garden provides a place to meet and connect with your “tribe” – folks from the community who share your interests and with whom you can share knowledge, expertise, love of a connection to the Earth – and seeds!

  • ENHANCED BEAUTY AND EXPERIENCE OF LAKES PARK: The Community Garden is beautiful, enhancing the overall experience of strolling through the Botanic Garden at Lakes Park.

  • SERVICE LEARNING and VOLUNTEERISM: The Community Garden provides volunteer and service learning opportunities for gardeners and aspiring gardeners of all ages.

  • FEEDING OUR COMMUNITY: Community Garden volunteers grow and harvest food for donation to the Community Cooperative soup kitchen from October through April.

These beds have already been offered to the “waiting list”. Several took advantage of the opportunity.

We are now extending the opportunity to the public. 

I’m ready to apply for a bed – what are my next steps?

  • EMAIL US NOW – send an email to and tell us you want to rent a bed in the Community Garden

  • APPLY and PAY – you’ll be sent an offer with a link to apply and pay.  You can pay online, or you can check the box to mail in a check – but please understand that the “snail mail” option will cause a delay in your approval. 

  • ORIENTATION – After applications are approved, you will receive instructions for mandatory orientation, currently scheduled for October 5th 2019. Commonly referred to as “Dirt Day” or “Plant Your Garden Day”, this is when all Community Garden members gather to prepare and plant their beds. Soil and tools will be available as part of membership; seedlings hand-grown in our propagation shed will be available for purchase.

Ready… set… GROW! 

CLICK to email us NOW

Email us NOW
CLICK to email – tell us you want to rent a bed in the Lakes Park Community Garden


TERMS and CONDITIONS of Lakes Park Community Garden Membership: Your payment indicates that you have read, understood, and agreed to the Terms and Conditions found in the document linked here (UPDATED 09-04-2019):